Home Remodeling

Costly Chaos How to Avoid Mistakes and Misunderstandings

There are few things quite as alarming (or expensive!) as discovering that you and your partner had different ideas about what height a breakfast bar should be, especially after it’s been built! Details like how granite is cut, how far is too far to reach, what the color “taupe” really looks like… these are seemingly […]

Checklist for Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often the main nerve center of a home.  Meals bring people together, and a lot of family quality time revolves around what happens in the kitchen.  Remodeling a kitchen to represent your style and needs can be an exciting adventure, but there are many challenges that can come along with the ride. 

6 Things to Expect During a Renovation

Finishing a household improvement job isn’t always as easy as a Sunday afternoon. The construction business is a very demanding trade fraught with unknowns and confusing situations which are hard to figure out. However, if you are about to take on a household improvement job, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Be ready for ups

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