6 Things to Expect During a Home Renovation

Finishing a household improvement job isn’t always as easy as a Sunday afternoon. The construction business is a very demanding trade fraught with unknowns and confusing situations which are hard to figure out. However, if you are about to take on a household improvement job, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Be ready for ups and downs. This mental preparedness will allow you to navigate the entire system. We here at Ironwood NW in Vancouver, WA would like to help you to be prepared with the following tips:

1. Daily interactions with your contractor will be inevitable.

As soon as you have chosen your company, expect your life to be a little more hectic. Expect multiple workers within your home on any given day, as well as machines and tucks coming and going. Even though you are not responsible for the day-to-day operations, you still may be expected to have food ready for the workers, and well as instructing where equipment / materials should go.

2. Slight depletion of your property.

Household improvement jobs consist of a lot of moving parts. A multitude of construction-based activities in and around your property quite often result in a slight depletion of your property. Be prepared for this. 

3. Dirt and wind are common.

If part of your project involves removing existing areas of your home, expect wind coming into the home from time to time, as well as dust / sawdust. Cement causes a decent amount of dust particles in most situations as well. There are steps you can take, however, to minimize the amount of dirt and dust buildup in your property. Click here to find out more about dust and dirt constraints during your project.

4. Setbacks happen.

There will always be a set and detailed project plan related to your renovation. But just because there is a set schedule and plan, does not mean everything will happen on time or go as planned. Moreover, prepare yourself for the inescapable fact of setbacks. A key here is to keep open lines of communication with the company you have hired. This will have many benefits throughout the process, but will most certainly help when something goes wrong; as you and your company will hopefully already be comfortable communicating possibly uncomfortable topics. 

5. Be aware and knowledgeable of electrical setups in your home.

Improvements in your property may inadvertently obstruct with your electrical components. As stated above, open communication is key here, and you should be prepared to speak with the company electrician about what to look out for. 

6. The contract you start with may not be the  contract you end with.

Adjustments to the original contract should be expected in almost any situation. Things happen during the home improvement process which warrant adjustments. That being said, it is very important to keep an open mind so you are able to deal with these adjustments as they happen with a level-head.

Ironwood NW is more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the home-upgrade process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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