Checklist for Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is often the main nerve center of a home.  Meals bring people together, and a lot of family quality time revolves around what happens in the kitchen.  Remodeling a kitchen to represent your style and needs can be an exciting adventure, but there are many challenges that can come along with the ride.  The experts here at Ironwood NW have put together this simple checklist to assist you through your kitchen upgrade! 

Organize Your Upgrade List 

The initial part of planning your renovation should be creating a clear list of what it is you would like to change.  This will help you make sure you address each piece of your kitchen you want to upgrade.  This basic list will also be your jumping point to the finer details of what your remodel will require.  An example list of desired kitchen upgrades could include:

  • Floors
  • Windows 
  • Paint 
  • Cabinets and Counters 
  • Sinks and Plumbing 
  • Appliances and Backsplash 
  • Lighting 

Research Your Design

This is the fun part!  Creating a style for your kitchen that is unique to your home is often the most exciting aspect to the remodel.  You can piece together your kitchen design by drawing inspiration from others.  We recommend exploring sites like these and just saving all of the ideas that you are fond of.  Pinterest is also a wonderful resource for interior vision concepts.  Once you put together your design concept you can then research where to find the materials and resources you’ll need, or our team can help you find them! 

Designate Your Budget 

We know this part is not as exhilarating as choosing your interior design, but it is a necessary part of the process.  A tip?  Be realistic.  While we want you to achieve your dream kitchen, we also want you to do so in a way that doesn’t put too large of a strain on you financially.  Don’t avoid this step.  Crunch the numbers, decide on a spending limit that you are comfortable with, and commit to staying very close to that limit.  If you find that you have a budget on the lower end, there are plenty of resources out there for great remodel ideas that will help you save.  

Pick Your Contractor or DIY 

Renovating the kitchen yourself can be a rewarding project, and it can add an extra level of pride and connection to the end results.  However, it is a huge undertaking and we highly encourage that you do your research before deciding to remodel on your own.  In addition to your physical labor and time, choosing materials and appliances, knowing where to get the best prices, following a logical workflow, and safety measures, are some additional requirements that will fall on your shoulders should you choose DIY.  

If you decide to hire a professional, it really is about searching for the ones who feel right to you.  Hiring a contractor will allow you much more relaxation through the process, as well as a higher guarantee the project will be done properly in a safe and timely fashion.  Also, while hiring an experienced contractor might appear more expensive in the beginning, there is a good chance they will actually save you money in the end.  The experts have relationships with vendors and the ability to get deals on pricing, and will do the job much faster than you will be able to without the years of experience. 

Prepare Yourself 

Great home improvement takes time.  Be practical in how long you expect the project to be completed, and leave room in your mind for setbacks.  Especially if you decide to renovate the kitchen on your own, work out how this remodel is going to impact your daily routine and make any necessary arrangements before you begin.  If staying somewhere else during the renovation is not possible, living in your home without use of your kitchen requires some planning!  This can include setting up a temporary kitchen with just your everyday use items, finding solutions for pets in the home, protecting belongings from dust, and relocating valuables in surrounding areas. 

We look forward to providing additional details and responding to any further questions you may have.  Contact us at Ironwood NW to start your renovation journey today!  

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