Interior Painting

Big Or Small, We Do It All

Our team of interior painters can take on any painting task. From walls to trim to ceilings, our skill and knowledge allow us to handle any job. Whether it is a small accent wall or an entire home, we will answer any questions you have and guide you through the process:

Walk around the home to help you determine where painting could be necessary or beneficial

Discuss the ideal paint for your home, taking all factors (children, animals, etc.) into account

Help find a color scheme complimenting your home’s aesthetic and architecture

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Ironwood NW is ready to help you give your home the perfect look!

Why Hire Professional Interior Painters in Vancouver?

Painting a home’s interior can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have experience. Your weekend painting project can quickly turn into a week-long project.

Hiring professional interior painters is:


We already have all of the necessary equipment on hand.


You do not have to bribe friends and loved ones with pizza to get their help.


We have the professional skills to create clean lines and keep your home clean too.

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