5 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Outdoors Space at Home

Outdoor living spaces have evolved in the last couple of decades from picnic tables and a grill to entire setups with flat-screen TVs and entertainment systems. While most homeowners think that they need an enormous backyard to make something worthwhile, the only thing you really need is creativity to make the most with the space you have.

If you’re in need of inspiration for home remodeling in Vancouver, WA, here are five ways to maximize your outdoor space and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Create a Pathway

Before you create the design for your outdoor space, think about the foot traffic you may have in the area. Guarantee plenty of space in the main entry and build a pathway of at least four feet wide. This will create the sense of a larger area and allow your family and friends to move around freely.

Add Light

If outdoor social gatherings are something you enjoy, you’ll definitely want to add outdoor lighting to your backyard. In addition to adding security to your home at night and creating lit pathways for safety, you’ll also create a different ambience for your guests.

Plan for Storage

Though often overlooked, storage is an essential part of any outdoor space. If you plan on hosting activities and family gatherings, you definitely want to ensure you have a convenient area to store everything in once your event is over. One convenient way to resolve storage needs is by including built-in benches with storage rooms underneath. Otherwise, if you have a bigger space, you can build a storage shed.

Include an Area for Kids

Even if you don’t have kids, chances are your family or friends will, so you want to make sure to include a recreational space for the little ones. By adding something small, like a play table with outdoor cushions, you can transform your outdoor area into a family-friendly space. Choose a designated spot for children to play in and get creative with the fun activities you can include for them.

Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

Regardless of its size, any outdoor space can transform into a beautiful lounge or living space. Decks and patios are an amazing way to make use of vertical space with tall seating options or slender hanging chairs. You can also add vertical gardens to add greenery and lushness without eating away additional space.

Home Remodeling Experts in Vancouver, WA

When it comes to outdoor space designs, the sky’s the limit. Ironwood NW offers quality home remodeling solutions in Vancouver, WA. No matter your style or preferences, our team of experienced and licensed contractors will gladly help you select the options that best suit your budget and needs. Get in touch with us at (410) 844-3999 for a free quote.


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