3 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovations have quickly become a synonym of “expensive home projects.” Depending on how much work your home needs, your total costs can easily exceed 5 or 6 figures.

However, giving your home an updated look doesn’t have to cost you your entire savings. If you need cost-effective home renovation ideas, here are three that are sure to give your home a new appearance and feel.

Swap Out Old Hardware

Both bathroom and kitchen cabinets can get a fresh new look by simply switching the old hardware for new ones. You can play around with door knob styles to create different looks for your cabinets or mix and match different finishes for an abstract look.

Play With Lighting

While lighting is often underrated, adding lighting strategically can significantly improve your entire home’s feel. Give your dining room a fashionable focal point by replacing your old light fixture with a new chandelier or more-modern lighting fixture.

Similarly, if your home has low overhead lighting, you can balance the amount of light by installing dimmers. This way, you can control the light intensity to create different ambients for different occasions.

Freshen Up Spaces With Paint

A new layer of paint is always a great way to bring life any space. If your budget is tight, consider painting the dull areas of your home. For example, painting your stars can add a pop of color to your staircase. You can also pick a specific room to renovate, like your bathroom or kitchen. Add accent walls with fun and vibrant colors, which will also liven up the area.

Professional Home Renovation Contractors

Ironwood NW offers expert home renovation and kitchen remodeling services in Vancouver, WA. Our professional and licensed contractors specialize in quality craftsmanship with fine attention to detail to guarantee the top-quality results you deserve.

Whether it’s basic home remodeling, additions, interior painting, home repairs, or window installations, we’ll get you taken care of quickly and efficiently. Get ready to fall back in love with your home. Contact us to request kitchen remodeling services in Vancouver, WA. Call (360) 314-6726.


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