Costly Chaos: How to Avoid Mistakes and Misunderstandings

There are few things quite as alarming (or expensive!) as discovering that you and your partner had different ideas about what height a breakfast bar should be, especially after it’s been built!

Details like how granite is cut, how far is too far to reach, what the color “taupe” really looks like… these are seemingly small details that can fall through the cracks when one or more homeowners aren’t present for planning.


The best technique to keep your remodel on track is to have all deciding members of your business or family present for the first meeting. Scheduling an appointment for multiple people can certainly feel like a major hassle, but investing the time to sit down together definitely has the biggest payoff for kitchen remodels and redesigns that are a gorgeous success with use for years to come!

By having everyone present for the consult, contract, and measure, clients save about three to six hours of their own time! Not only do they save time, but by being present and having clear, established communications and expectations for all parties, the additional costs and distress of fixing the results of crossed wires are entirely eliminated! Allowing proper time and space to ask the right questions and make sure the details of the project are reviewed are vital to any successful kitchen update. Unsuccessful remodels tend to stem from miscommunication, unrealized expectations, and/or unforeseen extra costs.


A trustworthy company will go hand-in-hand with your decision to take the time to have meetings that involve everyone. Conscientious contractors ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed so that expectations are understood for both the product and the process.

A dishonest contractor might try to isolate you or get you to make a decision by yourself. Never decide alone if you don’t have to! Additional perspectives can help you get the best deal and ensure nothing has been overlooked. Having another person helping you make the decisions can be very helpful.

It should be no surprise that remodelers who are known for value and customer satisfaction take time and precautions to avoid these types of taxing and unpleasant experiences for their customers. Selecting a reputable company is the most important decision you’ll make in any remodeling project. With the help of your company of experts, you can focus your attention on the details that matter: selecting materials, planning designs, and working with your contractor through every step of the remodeling project.

Upstanding remodeling companies will show that they have your best interests in mind by making every effort to save you time and money, particularly by having all of the owners present at that vital first consultation. These contractors are not only support in making good decisions, but having them as part of your team from the get-go prevents costly interruptions! By having your whole team present at the first meeting and hiring a company you know you can trust, there’s a much higher chance that your “just in case” fund won’t be needed.

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