Decorate, Decorate, Decorate That Outdoor Space

Nothing blends better with the wintery white backdrop of the holiday season than sparkling outdoor holiday decorations.

Some take more pride in the appearance of the outside of their home, and this tends to show during the holiday season as well.

While the naysayers will chirp and chime that exterior home decorating during this time of the year is cliche and overplayed, Ironwood NW would like to counter that belief with the premise that whatever your personal preference and decorating style is, this time of year is all about expressing yourself and doing what makes you feel good.

For us, as roofing contractors and remodeling experts, we find it to be fun and whimsical during the holiday season to take a break from offering up experience-based roofing tips and propose to you, our respected and esteemed customers, our little slice of decorating tips.

By no means is this an end-all-be-all in terms of a how-to-guide when it comes to decorating the outside of your home for the holiday season. However, we feel you can take these tips and insights for what they are, and then put your own personal spin on them.

Make A Statement

In the class that is homeownership 101, it is commonplace to understand that the buzz phrase “curb appeal” is a very real thing. If you decide to go for broke and make the exterior of your home a lighthouse for those in space with regards to your holiday decorations, that’s OK. Think about it. If some feel that your over-the-top holiday decorations are too much, they are still talking about your house, right? In addition, families from around your neighborhood and town may travel just to see your decorations. So, in the end, don’t let the haters hate.

Many Decorating Styles To Choose From

Whether you are new to the exterior holiday decorating scene or a seasoned vet, there are a variety of styles to choose from.  Perhaps you have been doing this for years and want to change up your decorating routine, or maybe you have “writer’s block” and can’t decide how you want to decorate your exterior. 

To get started, try some brainstorming. What defines you? What do you and your family like? Grab a pen and paper and start jotting down ideas. The key to brainstorming is understanding that no idea is too crazy. Maybe ask your kids what they like (hint: Kids come up with great ideas!). Once you really get flowing with brainstorming, the ideas will come in waves.

Regardless of if you decide to go traditional or fancy for your outdoor holiday decorations, just make sure you do you, and it will all come together.

In the end, will your electric bill creep up a bit for a month or two? Probably. But the starry-eyed look you will see in your children’s eyes or the neighborhood kids’ eyes is well worth it. Enjoy this time of year for what it is and have some fun. Ain’t nobody can bring you down when you are enjoying yourself!


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