How to Avoid Roofing Nightmares

Damage to the roof of your home can have some pretty serious consequences.  This can be exacerbated if the issue had gone unnoticed for some time, leaving homeowners to feel pressure to get it taken care of immediately.  However, we highly advise you do not skip on doing solid research on the possible roofers you may hire!  Even if this means taking an extra couple of days to lock in on a choice.  Hiring reliable roofers will save you money and time in the long run.  Here are some helpful guidelines to save you from scary roofers. 

  1. Say no to the “drive-by/fly-by-night” roofers.  

This is scam roofing done by storm chasers.  These individuals will follow a major storm and drive around the neighborhoods searching for vulnerable targets.  They typically aim for the elderly, homes up for sale, or low-income homes.  They will usually solicit door to door and offer inexpensive repair work.  Once the work begins, you bet they will find a multitude of new issues to make the work more expensive.  Also, keep an eye out for “tail light warranties” that are too good to be true; they are.  Hiring a local, reputable company will keep you safe from these scammers. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Unfortunately, some contractors will quote you a length of time for the project just to get your business, and then it will appear to drag on and on.  A good contractor will follow the schedule you agreed upon as closely as possible!  There will always be setbacks and issues, but they should have clear explanations as to what the issues are.  If you ask your contractor why things are taking so long and you don’t feel confident in the answer, feel free to hire another contractor to get a second opinion.  When researching options, dodge roofers that have too many complaints about scheduling and job completion. 

  1. Check the warranties and guarantees. 

This is an essential box to tick.  Research exactly what is covered by a warranty and what isn’t.  For example, sometimes the materials come with a warranty but the workmanship does not.  This would mean if the roofers did a poor job on an installation or a repair, you may not be covered and they are not responsible for fixing it.  Then you’re stuck hiring yet another contractor at full price to re-do their work.

We know your home and money are valuable, and that is why it’s so important to protect yourself with awareness and research.  Perform a background check before signing anything, do not give permission for roofers to start any job without a contract, and never pay in cash or money order.  Make sure that contract describes the job to be done in sufficient detail.  Research what the industry standards are for warranties, and avoid anything that is far below or far above those standards.  Usually if the guarantees sound outrageous that is because they aren’t going to hold true.  Take your time and be thorough before choosing your contractor!  

If you have any questions or need a repair or installation, CONTACT US at Ironwood today.  

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